ABDigitizer (pronounced as Eh Bee Digitizer)
— Video based animal behavior analysis software. —
Now released !
Ver.1 Sales Price: 1,980 USD or 1,480 EUR

<<Product Summary>>

ABDigitizer is a digitizing software which automatically detects and tracks multiple small animals from video images of animal behavior experiments recorded by cameras. This software outputs position coordinates of target animals as time series data.

[ Main Features ]

(1) Detect position coordinates of small animals automatically from video images.
(2) Output position coordinates of small animals as time series data.
(3) Make up graphical pictures which represent visit frequency of small animals (e.g. heat-map).
ABDigitizer illustration ABDigitizer screenshot

[ Demonstration of detecting animal positions automatically ]

Demonstration movie of detecting a mouse.
Red circle represents detection position of a mouse.
Demonstration movie of detecting three pill bugs.
Each pill bugs are detected respectively.
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